E-cigs beneficios

There are a lot of benefits due to cigarrillos electrónicos , i will write down only the most important :

E-cig advantages

E-cig advantages

First of all i think the health is the most important thing , you can’t buy health , once you lose it , it’s gone for ever so you experience better health without the toxins, tar and other poisons traditional cigarettes contain. Your body will notice the relief of cutting out all of those added poisons.  Our customers tell us that they feel better, their skin is better looking and they breathe better.

You can start to Save some money , a lot of money . Electronic cigarettes also known as smokeless cigarettes or ecigs are a lot less expensive than smoking traditional cigarettes. The traditional pack of cigarettes costs around 4-8$. One electronic cigarette cartridge is equal to nearly a full pack (approx 25 cigarettes) and only costs a fraction of the cost of a pack of traditional smokes. Why spend over $6 a pack when you can spend less on some cartridges and you can even vape more ?

With Electronic cigarettes you can smoke anywhere without being worried for passive smoking , because the e-cig doesn’t produce that .

Electronic cigarettes do not stain your teeth yellow and leave you with a serious case of disgusting smokers breath and no more messy ashes or poisonous residues to clean up.

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